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CrossFit Thelo

FitChalk Gym of The Month:  Thelo

Owner: John Mayfield
Location: Jacksonville, AL

Thelo is located in Jacksonville Alabama and is less than two miles from the campus of Jacksonville State University. They opened their gym three years and continue to grow. Thelo trusts FitChalk to help them manage memberships, community engagement, and gym classes.

They offer regular classes and also provide classes for Kids, Teens, and Weightlifting. Also, students at JSU, enrolled in certain majors, may complete Group Fitness classes at Thelo and earn credits towards their degree. Owner John Mayfield is a graduate of JSU. He holds his Level 1 Certification and Kids Certification. He has been coaching for over four years.

In addition to John, five more coaches combine to provide a workout setting that is unmatched in the Northeast Alabama area. As a result, the gym has an incredible group of athletes. And the environment is encouraging and uplifting for members to work out and have fun together.

Thelo started using FitChalk in May in order to replace a combination of products they used to manage their gym. Most of all, they benefit from the ability to simplify billing management, community engagement, and athlete progress in one system.

As a result, John said the following about his experience with FitChalk:

The switch to FitChalk was a smooth process and a great decision.  The whole system is simple to use, which is a huge selling point. I can manage payment processing, workout programming, and fast communication with my members easily from my computer or Ipad.

The social network in the app has been a huge hit with my members. They can post pictures and WOD times easily to the Newsfeed. In addition to all that, I have saved money by switching to FitChalk. I can’t wait to see what’s next for FitChalk and where it will take our gym!

– John Mayfield, Owner at Thelo”

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