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How to Run an Affiliate Gym or Group Fitness Center

how to run a group fitness center

Managing Your Box or Group Fitness Gym

It doesn’t matter if you just started your gym or if you’ve been hard at work for several years, this section is for you. Here, we’ll share some of the best, up-to-date resources for current gym owners.

Every box owner and group fitness trainer can afford to sharpen their business management skills. We’ll help you think about how to run a successful gym, how to get more gym members, gym marketing strategies, and gym management tools that save you time and money.

6. Invest in Your Coaches

Investing in CrossFit Coaches

Gym owners are sometimes referred to as the “Head Coach” or “Lead Trainer,” but most successful gyms have a team of coaches unified around one mission.

As an owner, you can’t be at the gym every minute that it’s open, so it is important to employ coaches on your staff that you can trust. Employ is a key word here. Whether or not you barter coaching services is a business decision, but keep in mind it is an important one.

One way to make sure your coaches are high quality is to spend your personal time coaching them up. Another way is to use your gym’s resources to invest in their success.

There are multiple trainings and certifications each year for team. Click here to learn how you can invest in your coaches.

7. Take Massive Action Every Day

managing a crossfit gym

The staff over at Box Pro Mag know about growing successful gyms. Robby Blanchard is the owner of CrossFit Reach and he gets straight to the point with five essential tips for growing your business.

8. Get New Members Walking Into Your Doors

Rally Fitness shares five ways to think about getting new members in your doors, while keeping your current members happy. It’s easy to forget about your current members while working to grow your community.

In addition to Rally’s suggestions, take advantage of your existing community’s connections. Don’t forget your athlete community is your number 1 business asset.

9. Strengthen Your Community

FitChalk is technology built for CrossFit Gyms.FitChalk is technology built to simplify managing your affiliate or group fitness gym, while putting your community first. It’s the only social membership management software designed around the number 1 asset of your business, your athlete community.

Connect your members with your gym’s very own private social network. Easily connect and share via social outlets like Instagram and Facebook in order to increase your gym’s organic marketing.

FitChalk provides a programming tool that streamlines how your community receives important gym and industry news. Members can track and follow other athletes and scores, monitor personal progress, and engage with the community.

10. Build a Digital Marketing Strategy

The most successful affiliate and group fitness gyms have a marketing plan. Your plan should include both online and offline advertising, particularly focused on your local area.

Your target audience is already active online, and sites like Facebook and Google have the data you need to find potential new members for your gym.

Keep your offline strategy simple. A good strategy may include signage, postcards, local events, and newspaper ads. However, digital marketing allows you an opportunity to target ads to specific individuals. Therefore, online strategy should be more focused on the persona of a potential client.

Think about where your prospects spend their time, factoring in things like preferred social networks, common interests, average age and gender, household income, etc.

Applying targeting strategies like these will increase the likelihood you reach real people looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Want to learn more about how FitChalk can help you grow your gym? Send us a message or start a free trial today! We look forward to building a partnership with you.

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