Fitness Podcasts for Athletes

podcasts for gym owners and fitness athletes

Fitness Podcasts about Training and Running a Gym

It’s 2018 and what is hotter than podcasts right now? Great news… there are some really awesome podcasts about fitness.

This is the perfect resource for your commute to and from the gym. For the gym owner, the coach, and advanced athlete, podcasts are a great way to squeeze in more learning or general entertainment when everything else around you is super busy.

16. The Official Podcast of CrossFit, Inc.

HQ has a great resource if you’re into this audio-information thing. Listen via Apple, Android, or simply stream online. The official podcast explores everything fitness, and even dives into thoughtful discussion about their mission to fight against chronic disease.

17. The Wodcast Podcast

podcasts for crossfit

They recently hit their 300th episode and you’ll want to go back and listen to every single one of them! The Wodcast Podcast is a weekly show that hosts some YUUGE names from around the fitness industry.

Get ready to be entertained and learn a ton. This will quickly become one of your favorites.

18. Training Think Tank Podcast

No time to watch videos? The team over at Training Think Tank understands and wants to meet you where you’re at. That’s why they pull the audio from their YouTube videos and wrap it up in a podcast for you.

Catch some serious insight into the physical and mental side of training by giving these 15-30 minutes episodes a quick listen.

19. The Airborne Mind Show

podcasts for crossfit

Join Misbah Haque on his journey uncover insights from industry thought-leaders. This interview style podcast takes advantage of  Misbah’s curious personality as he brings you into numerous fascinating conversations designed to arm you with knowledge.

20. WTF Gym Talk

Ok, so it’s not quite a podcast, but Stuart Brauer keeps it real with regular videos on Facebook. His goal is to arm you with the essentials for those “WTF” moments you face while running your gym. Get ready to take action, as his “no-nonsense” delivery will keep you on your toes and force you to think critically.

21. The Best of Fitness Podcasts


Did we miss your favorites? Comment and let us know so we can add them to the list!

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