Making gym management simple

When it comes to features, our philosophy is simple – everything is built around community. We believe this is the secret of great affiliate gyms.
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Member management

User friendly software allows you to take control of how you manage memberships and grow your business.

Modern communication

Social communications make increasing member engagement and boosting member revenue simple.

Mobile apps

Modern apps to track daily progress, connect with your members, and strengthen your community.

Revenue reporting

Quickly understand financials with detailed reports sorted by month, member, and transaction type.

Sales forecasting

Helps you forecast revenue, plan ahead, and focus on making your business stronger.

Classes & reservations

Manage limited space with capacity limits, open reservations, and track class attendance.

Cut costs

Reduce your high transaction fees, cut unnecessary costs and immediately boost revenue.

Performance logs

Measure progress-over-time with daily score logs, PRs, accurate scaling, and custom whiteboards.

Gym announcements

Push notifications stay atop your newsfeed and create real-time conversation for important updates


Easily mange in-house events, product pre-orders, and event sign-ups with customizable forms.


Run you business your way – FitChalk is customizable so you can set it up the way you want to.


Integrations to your website and the leading social networks make it easy to organically grow your business.


We provide industry leading product up-time. Our consistency means your business is always up and running.

User Friendly

Simple technology means you can focus on growing your business instead of struggling to learn a new product.

Build elite programming

Using the FitChalk programming tool, you can build complex workouts from scratch or quickly choose from pre-built Girls, Heroes, Lifts, and Skills.

Program as far into the future as you desire.

Every workout stores in your history for re-testing.

Hundreds of pre-built Benchmarks, Lifts, & Skills.

Program daily for multiple classes and individuals.

Join your friends around the country

Immediate access. No credit card required.