March 10, 2018

New Whiteboard, Manager Role, & Automated Notifications

Hey FitChalk Fam! On the heels of our largest mobile update this year, we’re excited to roll out three new features for the Gym Admin side of the house as well. Here’s what’s changed

  • Whiteboard: Today, we introduced a whiteboard for members using the web-based admin in place of the iPad. This is designed to be accessible for Owners, Gym Admin, Gym Managers (see below), and Trainers.
    • Simply log in to FitChalk, scroll down to the Trainer section of the left menu, and choose whiteboard.
    • Most gyms will open this in a new tab and take it full screen.
    • You’ll notice you can show historical whiteboards via the date picker, as well as sort between class schedules, individual class workouts, and filter by scaling level.

FitChalk leaderboard


  • Manager Role: We’re also introducing a new leadership role called “Manager.”
    • The manager is role is situated in between a Gym Admin and a Trainer. Specifically, this role is an elevated role for Trainers who require access to higher level features such as:
      • Programming
      • Gym Announcements
      • Content Moderation
    • Anyone with the Manager role will automatically have access to the Trainer role as well, just as anyone with a Gym Admin role will have access to a Manager role, and so on…
    • For reference, Managers will not have access to financial data, as that belongs to the Gym Admin and Owner roles.

FitChalk Programming


  • Automated Notifications: In the past, Owners and Gym Admin roles had access to Gym Settings that made it possible to automate daily WOD notifications. These notifications posted in the newsfeed and sent a push notification to gym members.
    • With today’s update, we’ve enhanced the FitChalk infrastructure to handle additional “automated notifications.”
    • Initially, this will launch with Birthday announcements. We’ll follow with additional updates like Member anniversaries, pre-scheduled Gym Announcements, etc.
    • You’ll now find the ability to host a member’s birthdate within their member profile. Similar data is captured for the member’s start date with your facility. If you want mass import member birthdates, please let us know and we’ll be glad to help you get these into the system.
    • As mentioned, Birthday Announcements will be the first thing to go live. By default, this feature will be turned ON for your gym.
    • When enabled, FitChalk will automatically share a notification with your community announcing member birthday’s on a given date. The notification will prompt the community to engage with the Newsfeed birthday post.
    • You may enable/disable this feature by visiting:
      • “Gym Setup” –> “Settings” –> “Automated Member Notifications” –> Birthday Notifications (On/Off).


That’s a wrap for the March 10, 2018, Change Log. As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Much more on the horizon… stay tuned!