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Meet the most simple membership management and programming tool in Fitness. Gym software so easy your entire community will use it.

    Easy Membership Management

    Save time and money with automated membership management that offers the lowest credit card and ACH transaction fees you'll find.

    Simple Programming & Tracking

    Choose from pre-built Girls, Heros, Skills & Lifts, and more. Use our simple workout programming tool to build custom workouts from scratch in just a few clicks.

    Communication & Engagement

    Imagine real-time engagement with your entire community at the click of a button. Yes! It's actually possible with the FitChalk newsfeed.

    Strengthen Your Community

    Take advantage of your unique social network designed to connect your members and strengthen your community.

    Real-Time Customer Support

    We treat our members the same way you would treat yours. We support you around the clock to ensure your business thrives.

    Sync Your Entire Business

    FitChalk makes it easy to organize and streamline your business. Connect your athletes, coaches, and all your resources in one place.


    Introducing the Social Network for fitness athletes. Connect with friends, track and follow other athletes, view today’s workout or create your own, log scores, track progress, and become a better version of yourself.

      Gym Newsfeed

      Keep up with what's happening around your gym. Follow athletes and track their progress. Post scores, pictures, updates, etc. and share your workouts to Facebook, Twitter, and soon to Instagram.

      Follow Athletes

      Follow your friends and track their progress. When athletes you follow log scores, set new PRs, or simply share an update, their posts will show up right in your newsfeed.

      Log & Post Scores

      When your gym owner or coach programs their daily workouts in FitChalk, members at your gym can quickly and easily log scores that post to your timeline and share with your friends in the newsfeed.

      Daily Results

      All scores posted for the day are published to FitChalk's digital whiteboard. See everyone's results or filter to just the athletes that you want to see on a given day, for example: Rx males that I follow.

      Track Progress

      Each time you log a score, it saves to your timeline. FitChalk makes it easy for you to measure your progress for a workout, lift, or skill. You can view all your previous scores, by date, on one screen together.

      Social Sharing

      Easily share your scores to other social media. Post to Facebook, Twitter, and soon to be Instagram, with one click from your timeline in FitChalk. Rate your gym and invite your friends, too!


      Spend less time with remotes or keyboards and more time changing lives. FitChalk’s workout creator integrates timers, scoring, whiteboards, and more right into your class schedule.

        Integrated Timers

        FitChalk timers are the industry's largest. Simply enable timers when you create a workout and broadcast it over the digital whiteboard. There's nothing quite like it.

        Digital Whiteboard

        Easily showcase workouts, daily scores, and more via the tv screen. Share scores, standards videos, celebrate PRs, and make the whiteboard the hub of your gym.

        Standards Videos

        Simplify instruction of new and complex movements. Use your own videos or import a popular choice from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other hosting service.

        Gym Records

        PRs are awesome! Often times an athlete wants to know where they stack up against the history of the gym. FitChalk serves as your historical system of record.

        Manage Drop-ins

        Easily capture guest information, waivers, and payment. Then, use FitChalk's engagement tools to quickly get them back into your gym as a member.

        Athlete Notes

        Quickly log athlete notes along with their scores into order to better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and how to better coach each individual.

        Why Wait?

        The next generation of gym management software is here. Get started today for free!