Gym Owners: 7 Reasons Why NOT Changing Gym Management Software is Hurting Your Business

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Today I want to address why your current gym management system is hurting your business.

At FitChalk, we’ve gained some serious insight as we’ve grown during our first year. It turns out most gym owners who have reservations about switching gym management systems, use the same 7 excuses.

I don’t believe your concerns are valid, and we’ve built our entire model around making these concerns go away. To be honest, I believe the comfort level you have with your current system is actually putting your gym in danger.

What exactly do I mean?  Most gym owners are not loyal to their current system for any reason other than the 7 excuses below. And because those reasons aren’t strong, I believe your current system is hurting your business.


Reason #1:  We’ve been using (insert old 2013 system here) since we started.

This excuse is first for a reason. Honestly, it’s the most used and it’s probably the worst of them all. You’re rejecting modern alternatives, better rates, and leaving money on the table for your business.

If your members told you the gym across the street had nicer, newer rigs or dumbbells, you wouldn’t stare back at them and say, “Well, we’ve had these old dumbbells forever and they get stronger with time, so we aren’t going to change them out.”

In fact, you’d probably look at your rig with the bent pull-up bars, frayed ropes and loose bolts, and realize how it was time to step your game up and improve your equipment. After all, that is part of your service to your members.

Now, imagine that switching to a new deluxe rig and providing new heavy duty dumbbells doesn’t cost you anything. And imagine that adding that new equipment is actually going to save you over $100 every month and will make your members happier. How would you respond to that opportunity for your business?

Now, imagine that switching to a new deluxe software doesn’t cost you anything. And imagine adding that new software is actually going to save you over $100 every month and make your members happier. How would you respond to that opportunity for your business?


Reason #2:  We’ve got all our member payment data in the current system.

It’s surprising that more gym owners don’t recognize this as a weakness. It’s like your trapped and don’t realize it… kind of like a plateau in your training. If you just keep doing the same things, you’ll come out stronger on the other side right? . . . . right?

Training is about continued progress. It’s not about avoiding new things simply because they seedifficult. The same goes for payments.

Moving payment data isn’t hard. And lowering transaction rates is just good for business. Boost your revenues, engage with members you don’t frequently talk with, and get your community on board with your mission for a better experience.

But gym owners seem to find a scary comfort in resorting to the old way of thinking… ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’  Sometimes things that don’t feel broken, actually really are. Am I talking directly to you?

Here’s the deal: if you’re paying 3 percent or more on card transactions and not leveraging the power of bank draft, your system is flat out broken, your business is losing money, and you’re getting taken to the shed . . . just sayin’.

Not to mention, the solution to this fear is really simple: Provide your members with a better experience and they will respond well to requests like updating payment details. In fact, they will usually even pay you more each month for the added value of a more community-focused system.

Now we’re talking about why switching is a real opportunity.


Reason #3: Things are just too busy at the gym.

Sadly, this excuse is thrown around a lot. And frankly, it’s most often a lie or a maybe just a business oversight. The fear of switching systems has been framed as a huge overhaul of operations. And while it is technically an infrastructure shift, it’s hardly more than an oil change in reality – a quick service visit.

Switching to the right system is good for business, which means it could be Day 1 of The Open and it wouldn’t matter – you’d still do it. In fact, you could have 100 things happening at your gym: a fundraiser, a competition, a big community event.. and it still wouldn’t matter.

Things should NEVER be too busy to prioritize making your business stronger. Switching to a new system means you get a new team who is excited to work with you, at least that’s how we roll here at FitChalk. When you switch, your new system will provide tools to automate most of the transition, and then streamline what is left for manual completion.

Like I said above, we’ve built our processes around making the switch easy. If your system isn’t making things easy, that should challenge you even harder to rethink what you’re doing to your business. You should be able to effectively transition within 5-10 days maximum. If anything, the right system will make those other things easier to manage, so you’ll want to get switched more quickly.


Reason #4: I’ll lose my old workouts and scores

This is the first reason that even somewhat holds real substance. Even so, it’s not entirely accurate and is most often the result of a hoarding programmer who doesn’t want to throw away years of work for nothing. Don’t forget, you got paid for those workouts – they won’t die in vein.

But it’s okay… switching to FitChalk means you can import your max lifts and benchmarks. If you need more than that, and we’ve found 80+ percent of your members won’t (in fact, most of them don’t care about any scores – weird huh?), you can manually import any workouts and scores you’d like before you cancel your other system.

Just don’t make this harder on yourself than it should be. If you start to put value on workouts you haven’t re-tested since 2016, you’re probably wasting your time. Your training has come a long way since then.

You know the truth: most old scores are just a memory,  not a true benchmark.


Reason #5: But this WOD system we have is the one with all the features!

When’s the last time you wrote in that nutrition journal to log your calories? Are your members benefiting from all  those features?

Good software is constantly evolving. Myspace could play music on your profile, and Facebook does everything, but you still use Instagram for pictures. Funny how that works… the system with all the special features isn’t always the best system for what you need to run your business.

In fact, when you pay for a system with a ton of features you don’t use, you’re flat out wasting money. That company is charging you in order to maintain their entire system, not just the parts you use.

With FitChalk, we build tools that help you boost your revenues and strengthen your community. It’s simple. Every dime you pay us goes right back into making those tools better and your business stronger.


Reason #6: I know we’re getting killed on fees, but my members like our current system.

But really, your members like nice equipment, new technology, and easy ways to purchase more things from you.

Think about this argument for a second. If you have 100 active members and 26 of them regularly log scores and check in to class, maybe it’s worth considering a system designed to strengthen your community and encourage member engagement. They’d probably like that more… and my bet is more than 26 of them would use it.

FitChalk is social. It connects your members in one place. Not one thing on Instagram, another thing on Facebook, this thing via email, and that thing in a mass text message that nobody can respond to.

It’s 2018 and your members deserve a tool designed specifically for your gym.


Reason #7: There’s actually no reason to wait.

If you’ve read this far, you’ll have to forgive me. 7 sounds better than 6 in a blog title, so I figured I’d use the 7th reason to let you try FitChalk free. Don’t wait.

Try it free. You have nothing to lose.  And then join our Ambassador Program to make money using FitChalk.

As we continue to help gyms boost revenue and strengthen community, we will focus intently on building the best software we can. If you want to build the best gym you can, give us a try.

We’re on your team.


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